New non-invasive skin closure device


Zip surgical skin closure is a new adhesive-based device that attaches to the skin on either side of your incision, without the need of invasive stitches and staples.

Here are our patient’s most commonly asked questions:

How does the Zip surgical skin closure work?

The Zip device holds the edges of an incision together by a gentle adhesive so the skin can heal. The device uses plastic straps to keep the incision closed and protect it throughout recovery.

I can’t see the Zip device; all I can see is a wound dressing or tape.

The doctor may have also applied a wound dressing, which is held to the skin with tape. This dressing helps keep the incision clean and may absorb any exudate (oozing). The patient may have been sent home with this dressing in place, with instructions to remove it or have it removed after a period of time. When the wound dressing is removed, the patient should be careful not to remove the Zip device beneath the dressing.

How should I care for the Zip device if I’m instructed to remove my wound dressing?

If the doctor instructed the patient to remove the dressing, the patient should be careful not to remove or tamper with the Zip device. The Zip device is holding the skin incision closed. The Zip device has a clear plastic film border, which should not be removed. Do not let any tape or adhesive touch the Zip device.

What should I do if I removed my wound dressing (as instructed by my doctor) and the Zip device has some dried blood in the center?

There may be small amounts of dried blood on the incision. This is normal. The patient should contact the doctor or home health agency if the wound is draining.

Can I bathe or shower with the Zip device?

The patient may shower with the Zip device, however, please refer to doctor instructions as it relates to showering with the Zip. The patient should avoid having the direct force of the shower contact the device. The patient cannot take a bath, soak in a hot tub, or swim while wearing the Zip device. After a shower, the patient should carefully dab the device dry, taking care not to rub the device with a towel.

When is the Zip device removed?

The Zip device is typically kept on the skin for approximately 10-14 days; however, the patient should not remove the device unless instructed to do so by a doctor.

How do I book a consultation?

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