Robotic surgery for hip and knee replacements

The Mako robot-assisted procedure

We offer hip and knee surgery using Mako robotic arm assisted surgery, a pioneering new technology.

The first Mako knee and hip replacements were performed in Florida in 2006 and 2010 respectively and the technology has assisted over 70,000 hip and knee procedures worldwide to date. 

Mr Makrides performs Mako assisted surgery at his Spire Little Aston clinic, the only private facility in the Midlands to offer it.

What is Mako and what does it involve?

Mako allows your surgeon to create a 3D virtual model of your hip or knee’s unique anatomy before your surgery. Then during your operation, he will follow your unique personalised plan.

During surgery, the robotic arm guides the surgeon within a pre-defined area using real-time  tracking feedback which can adjust for very small movements. This makes it extremely precise and accurate when putting the implant in.

What are the benefits?

Advantages of the Mako robotic arm are:

  • Can be used for partial or total hip and knee replacements
  • Helps create a personalised surgical plan
  • 2-3 times more accurate joint replacement than manual replacement
  • Produces minimal blood loss and a smaller scar
  • Helps preserve healthy bone and soft tissue
  • Results in less post-operative pain than manual techniques
  • Provides a quicker recovery and shorter hospital stay

What is recovery like?

Recovery is much quicker than traditional hip and knee replacements. You will have a personalised physiotherapy plan and may be able to walk just hours after your surgery, and return to your everyday activities in 1-4 weeks.


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