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Minimally invasive hip surgery, utilising the direct superior approach.

Mr Panos Makrides is the only Surgeon in the Midlands specialising in minimally invasive hip surgery, utilising a new approach, (direct superior approach).

What is minimally invasive surgery?

Minimally invasive surgery, also known as the direct superior approach, is a relatively new procedure that uses one or two smaller incisions rather than a large cut as transitional methods would. 

This results in the muscles that are essential for normal gait being spared meaning less postoperative pain and a quicker recovery time. Some minimally invasive surgery has resulted in the patient returning home within 23 hours of surgery.

Mr Makrides has performed over 200 primary hip replacements using the approach.

How do I know if I am suitable for this approach?

Minimally-invasive hip replacement is usually offered if you are under 50, in good health and have a healthy body mass index (BMI).


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