Knee dislocation and fracture

Knee dislocation and fracture in the West Midlands

Breakages to the knee bone

Like any other bone, the 3 bones in the knee can suffer from fractures. Fractures to the patella (knee cap) are common as the bone sits on top of the knee joint as a protective shield, meaning it can fracture if you fall or have direct impact on the area.

Treatment for a break to the knee

Surgery may be required if the bone needs stabilising.

Dislocation of the knee

A dislocated kneecap is when the bone slips out of place, usually as a result of direct impact or a sudden change in movement and twisting of the knee.

Treatment for dislocation of the knee

Often, your doctor can manipulate the kneecap back into place.

If there is a fracture or associated ligament or tendon injury then surgery may be considered.


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