What to do about joint pain

Joint pain can come with age through wear and tear, as a lifetime of overuse can take its toll on our hips and knees.

The tissue and cartilage that surrounds and protects the joints gradually thins over time which can cause the bones to move less freely. The most common degenerative condition of the hip, knee and sometimes hands is Osteoarthritis.

What can I do to reduce joint pain?

Lifestyle plays a huge part in reducing joint pain. Maintaining a healthy diet as well as regular exercise can have a positive impact, by not only reducing the weight load on the joint but also by building and strengthening the muscle support. Exercise also produces hormones which make you feel good which in turn may alleviate your discomfort level.

Swimming is a great low impact workout and also works your body harder due to the resistance of the water. Regular walking is also beneficial and can not only prevent the onset of pain but also slow down the degeneration of the joint. However, never continue exercising if it is causing you pain.

If your pain is particularly bad to the point where your mobility and movement is limited and the pain is regular on the majority of days then it may be worth seeking professional help.

Why is joint pain worse at certain times of the day?

Joint pain can be worse in the morning due to stiffness from lying still for a long period of time over night. Usually, any discomfort should pass fairly quickly and is a sign of wear and tear on the joints. If it lasts for longer periods of time then you may have a more severe condition of the joint.

Is joint pain more common in women?

Yes, Osteoarthritis most often affects women, mainly after going though the menopause due to the decrease in oestrogen.

What treatments are available for joint pain?

The underlying cause of joint pan will need to be found in order to be treated, however painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication may help initially to reduce swelling and therefore pain. It is also important to maintain a healthy weight and active lifestyle to strengthen the muscle and ease pressure on the joint.

Depending on the condition causing hip and knee pain, treatments available may be a hip arthroscopy, knee arthroscopy, hip replacement or knee replacement.

How do I book a consultation?

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