What is hip dysplasia?

Hip dysplasia, or developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) is when the ball and socket part of the hip joint does not form properly in babies. It is most common in the left hip of girls, although both hips can be affected.

This can happen when the socket is slightly too shallow which results in the ball (the femur) not being held in place as tight as it should be. This can result in the femur dislocating.

How is hip dysplasia diagnosed?

Every newborn baby has a physical screening examination, during which the baby’s hips will be checked. If the midwife or doctor thinks there may be an issue, an ultrasound will be scheduled.

How is hip dysplasia treated?

Often a baby’s hip can correct itself within the first few weeks but if it hasn’t then there are treatments available. If hip dysplasia is left untreated it may lead to limping when walking, osteoarthritis of the hip and frequent pain.

If a baby is diagnosed with hip dysplasia in their first few weeks of life, they will likely be fitted with a splint called a Pavlik harness, which holds the baby’s hip in a stable position and is worn for a few weeks.

If the harness has not helped or if the baby is diagnosed later on in life (after 6 months) then surgery may be required. Surgery for hip dysplasia is called reduction surgery. It is carried our under general anaesthetic and surgically places the femur head into the hip socket.

Sometimes mild to moderate cases of DDH are not picked up in infancy which can leave you more prone to getting arthritis in the hip at a younger age. Mr Makrides is a specialist who manages the consequences of hip dysplasia if it was not picked up and corrected in infancy.

How do I book a consultation?

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