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A hip fracture is a break in the femur (top of the thigh bone). Fractures are often caused by falls and are more common in the elderly. Some conditions such as Osteoporosis can weaken the bones and cause hip fractures.

Symptoms of a hip fracture

  • Hip pain
  • Difficulty bearing weight on your leg
  • Trouble moving and lifting your leg

Treating a hip fracture

Usually surgery is required for a hip fracture. Sometimes the hip can be supported with plates and screws, however most cases may need a hip replacement. The type of surgery you will be offered will depend on your age, your health, how bad the fracture is and the condition of your bones.

Can I prevent a hip fracture?

As most hip fractures occur in the elderly or those with osteoporosis, you could use a walking aid for support and perform exercises to help strengthen the muscles around your joints.

How do I book a consultation?

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