How to keep your bones and joints healthy


Keeping your bones and joints healthy can help to prevent serious damage if you are injured or especially from wear and tear as we age due to our bodies loosing bone density over time. Women are more at risk of bone and joint conditions such as osteoarthritis once they have gone through the menopause.

Foods for bone and joint health

It is beneficial to consume calcium rich foods as the only way our bodies get it, is by our diet. Calcium rich foods include:

  • Dairy such as milk, cheese and yoghurt
  • Green leafy vegetables such as broccoli and kale
  • Fortified foods such as bread and soy
  • Nuts

Alcohol and carbonated drinks can prevent your body from absorbing calcium.

Supplements for bone and joint health

Vitamin D is important for your bone health as it helps the body absorb calcium. Most people in the UK do not get enough vitamin D, especially in the winter months so it might be worth taking a supplement.

Exercises for bone and joint health

Exercise can help reduce the load on your joints by helping you loose any excess weight, as well as build the muscles around the joint.

Low impact activities such as swimming are good as they don’t put stress son the joints as running does.

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